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Kepox Technology , Build your website or mobile application in Qatar

Our Story

KEPOX is a digital factory based in Qatar. We offer you a rapid and high-quality service based on our experience, know-how, and technology platform. We use our Internet experience to assist huge corporations in increasing sales, lowering costs, and improving customer relations.

Why kepox technology

KEPOX is distinguished by its focus on high added value and its technological and business competence. Engineers and professionals from our team provide you with key solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget limits.
Kepox Technology , Build your website or mobile application in Qatar
Through a creative approach and an impactful visual presence, we help brands connect with their customers online and talk about their feelings.
Kepox Technology , Build your website or mobile application in Qatar
We are brand fans. Your brand, we believe, is more than just a name and a slogan. We help your brand stand out and be unique while remaining loyal to your beliefs. Your community will do the activities you expect with ease if you have a well-thought-out strategy. We don't make flimsy offers. We are dedicated to reaching our objectives. We'll work together to build an outstanding, one-of-a-kind brand identity.
Kepox Technology , Build your website or mobile application in Qatar

Frequently Asked Questions

In collaboration with you, we will define the goal of your website or app, based on that, we will provide you with a quotation. But no worries ! Our prices are very competitive. Bear in mind that also we provide customizable solution (ERP, CMS …)

We are very flexible, you can choose to pay on monthly basis or every year. In both cases,  your satisfaction is our priority.

Mister Walt Disney once said : ” You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream reality.”

We are brand lovers and we believe that with a holistic view of aesthetics, our graphic designers will accentuate the attributes, benefits and values of your brand.

The answer is No, if you are creating a blog, or personal website. But in case you have a commerce or an idea we recommend that you create your company as per the Qatari law, but from our side, in both cases, we will be happy to assist you with any of your requirements.

Unlike many concurrents in Qatar, our company is 100% based in Qatar, and our team members are all in Qatar. We do not hate outsourcing, but we do believe that our presence is a must in Qatar to be able to help our customers.

Indeed, we can provide with a managed virtual server, or self-managed virtual server, our prices are the best in the market, and our servers are located in Washington and Dallas. We recommend Managed VPS because our services include regular maintenance, monitoring, hardware setup, software installations, technical issue resolutions, and more.